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12 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a Facelift

12 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a Facelift

A lot of things change as we age. Our skin starts to sag, we start to notice wrinkles where there weren’t any before, and our hair starts to grey. These changes can cause a lot of stress in a person’s life, and act as a huge blow to our self-esteem.

The effects of aging may even get so bad you don’t want to leave your house!

Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case. If you feel unhappy with the face looking back at you in the mirror, getting a facelift might be the right option for you. Here are 12 reasons why you should consider getting a facelift.

1. Boost Your Self Confidence

Aging is a natural thing, and so are the feelings of stress and anxiety that come with it.

Even one new wrinkle or sag in the face can be a major blow to your self-confidence. The effects of aging can leave you feeling like you’re ugly, or like people are judging you. This may stop you from going out and enjoying yourself, from appearing in photographs, and from leaving the house in general.

A lack of self-confidence can even lead to depression and bad habits over time. You may find you drink or smoke more to deal with the stress, or start to “let yourself go”. If you’re already looking older, why bother to try and fix it?

A facelift will restore the look of your face and leave you a much more confident person. Those sags and wrinkles won’t stop you because you won’t be able to see them anymore! You can feel confident walking down the street, taking selfies, and stop worrying about prying eyes in public.

In this way, a facelift may be a great way to keep you mentally and physically healthy.

2. Look Younger

Facelifts do a lot of great things to your face.

A good facelift will tighten sagging skin in the neck, face, and jaw. It’ll get rid of deep creases, tighten up double chins, and smooth out facial fat to give you an all-over younger-looking face. If you feel you’re looking too old lately, a facelift could be the perfect solution for this.

3. Fight Neck Sag

A facelift doesn’t only take care of the face, it also takes care of the neck!

For many, the neck is one of the most noticeable areas for sag. It can throw off the look of your whole face, making it look older all over. To fight this, ask your plastic surgeon about a neck contouring facelift.

A neck contouring facelift focuses on the chin and jawline to tighten up neck sag and make your whole face look younger. This is a popular cosmetic surgery not only for women but for men, too! It’s also popular for younger people as well as those 35 and older.

At Atlanta Face & Body, we offer a Signature NeckLift Facelift that reduces double chins, defines your neck, and tightens all that loose skin naturally. The surgery is minimally-invasive, requiring only short incisions under the chin and behind the ears. This ensures that the scars are hidden from plain view, offering you a more confident after-product.

Not only that, the Signature NeckLift only takes around an hour to perform, and a few weeks to heal completely! It doesn’t get much more convenient and effective than that.

4. Get Back to Work Fast

Some cosmetic surgeries come with a long recovery and downtime, but facelifts do not.

The modern facelift is minimally invasive. The incisions are small, and the skin tightening techniques used today have come a long way. At the most, you’re looking at about two weeks of downtime, usually less, with a facelift.

At Atlanta Face & Body, we offer Signature PrecisionLift, a great quick-recovery option for those who don’t have time to wait. With the Signature PrecisionLift, we use lasers during the surgical process. This offers all the same benefits of any facelift, while also awarding you less bruising, a quicker recovery time, and less pain afterward.

The Signature PrecisionLift is perfect for busy people who still want to look good. You can rest assured knowing you won’t be down and out for long, and you’ll look younger than ever in a few weeks.

5. Look Less Tired

One of the worst downsides of aging is how tired it can make you look.

Sagging and wrinkling under the eyes is easy to mistake for a lack of sleep. This can make you appear tired and groggy, and give people the wrong idea. In a professional sense, it can make it seem like you don’t care, and in a personal sense, it can cause people to treat you differently.

A facelift will take care of all those wrinkles and sags that make you look tired. You may not even need a full facelift to take care of this. A mini facelift could be enough, followed up with some Botox® for that continued well-rested look.

Atlanta Face & Body offers a lower eyelid lift that not only makes you look younger and less tired but even improves vision! Sometimes, sagging and bunched-up skin can get in your line of sight, reducing your vision. This can have a serious impact on your life, and even be dangerous when it comes to driving!

If you want to be taken seriously at work and in life in general, a facelift could be the answer for you.

6. Boost Your Social Media Presence

It’s no secret that the most successful social media personalities also tend to be the most beautiful.

Social media is a very important part of our day-to-day lives. It’s how we advertise ourselves, as well as our businesses. Unfortunately, the presence of unsightly wrinkles and sagging may be harming your social media presence.

A lot of social media beauty has to do with editing and filters, as well as cosmetic surgery. If you’re a social media influencer, or you’re trying to boost your presence on social media, a facelift is a good avenue to explore. Chances are, you’ll notice a lot more likes and followers coming in, and the positivity in the comments will be overflowing!

Facelifts offer you a way to look better on social media without extensive filters and editing. This offers you a more natural way to show off your beauty. Oftentimes, social media users are called out for using too much editing, so a facelift helps keep you away from this issue.

Social media is a competitive thing, and a facelift is a good way to beat the competition in a natural-looking way.

7. Eliminate Deep Creases

Surface-level wrinkles are one thing, but deep wrinkles and creases are a whole other animal.

Deep creases are likely the main cause of your stress due to aging. They can make you feel very self-conscious, and what’s worse, makeup is often not enough to cover them up. Deep creases leave your face looking worn-out and tired, and often make you look a lot older than you really are.

A facelift will eliminate deep creases entirely, leaving your skin looking softer and younger. You won’t see any unnatural signs of removal, and neither will anyone else. Where makeup fails to cover up deep creases, a facelift does so in a totally natural and effective way.

8. Show No Signs of Surgery

One of the main fears that come with cosmetic surgery is the appearance of scars and facial “stretching”. The last thing you want is to come out of the operating room with scars to worry about, on top of wrinkles!

Thankfully, the days of “windblown” faces and scars are in the past. The incisions made in modern facelifts are small and minimally invasive. Oftentimes they’re done on the hairline, making them entirely unnoticeable unless you’re really searching for them.

You can also consider a non-surgical option, like the Signature LiquidLift. With this method, no incisions are necessary. The cosmetic surgeon instead injects dermal fillers into areas of the face, plumping up wrinkles to make them invisible on the face.

Either way you go about it, a good modern facelift should not be noticeable to the average person.

9. Tighten up Those Jowls

The jawline is one of the most focused-on parts of the face. It surrounds the rest of your face, meaning people are going to notice if it’s loose.

If you have a fear of the “bulldog” look that comes with loose jowls, consider a facelift. Not only can a facelift tighten up the jowls, but it can also remove the negative looks of loose jowls permanently. This will make your whole face look slimmer and more “V” shaped, a look that all the top models go for these days.

A cheek lift will change the whole look of your face, not only your jowls. It will soften your jowls, fill-in indentations in your cheeks, and even give you a more youthful smile!

This is an incredible procedure whether you’re a woman or a man. You’ll be shocked by how much younger jowl surgery can make you look.

10. Get a Long-Lasting Solution

It’s true: There are a lot of different makeups and medications you can use to reduce wrinkles and look younger. However, the effectiveness and longevity of these methods are not great.

All of these “over-the-counter” solutions offer very temporary and ineffective solutions. You’ll have to continually use the product to stay young, which can add up to thousands of dollars per year. What’s more, none of these work as well as cosmetic surgery.

A good facelift should last you up to a decade and usually lasts even longer than that. You’ll end up spending a lot less money in the long run than you would on makeup and medications.

11. Compliment Other Procedures

Maybe you’ve already had some other cosmetic surgeries. If you’ve had a brow lift, a forehead reduction, or a nose or lip job, a facelift can complement these procedures greatly.

If you have multiple areas of stress on your face, fixing one of these can highlight the negative aspects of the others. To combat this, a facelift will further correct the stress-points in your face, adding to the other surgeries you may have.

For convenience’s sake, you can also get a facelift and other facial cosmetic surgeries at the same time! This will make for a longer procedure and downtime, but a better overall final product. Not only will you be sag and wrinkle-free, but you’ll also have a beautiful new set of lips, nose, or more pleasant face shape.

12. Remove Those Frown Lines

Nobody wants to look angry or upset all the time. Unfortunately, aging can do exactly that to a person.

Sagging and wrinkling in the eyes, jowls, and by the mouth can easily give you an angry face. This can detrimentally affect your first impressions on a person. They may perceive you to be an angry or sad person, and therefore avoid interacting with you in a personal or professional way.

Combat that resting rude face with a facelift. A facelift will smooth out those frown and anger lines and give you a more neutral, happy expression. You won’t have to worry about how anyone perceives you on first meeting ever again.

When Getting a Facelift Is a Good Call

If you’re still on the fence about getting a facelift, let these 12 points above give you peace. Facelifts have come a long way over the years, and they’re now more viable and less noticeable than ever before. Whether you want to boost your self-confidence, look less tired, or look younger, a facelift is a good call.

If you’re looking for an Atlanta plastic surgeon, look no further than Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker, also known as The Queen of Faces.

Book a free consultation with Atlanta Face & Body today to discuss your facelift further. You’ll be happy you did.

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12 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a Facelift

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