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6 Benefits of Having a Lower Eyelid Lift

6 Benefits of Having a Lower Eyelid Lift

You’ve spent years concealing under-eye bags and trying all of the home remedies but still keep hearing that same dreaded phrase…

“Oh, you look so tired!”.

As it turns out, sleep isn’t the problem. Your sagging under-eyes are a byproduct of the aging process and could even be jumpstarted from your genetics. However, this doesn’t make you want to sport those drooping eyes anymore than you did before.

So how can you banish this confidence-breaking appearance and start putting your best face forward?

You need a lower eyelid lift.

If you’re ready for the long-lasting effects, follow along and learn 6 of the benefits of this procedure and how you can get rid of those baggy under-eyes for good.

What Is a Lower Eyelid Lift?

This eyelid surgery, more specifically called a lower lid blepharoplasty is the procedure that improves the appearance of sagging and bagging under the eyes.

Over the years, this delicate patch of skin loses its elasticity, and the fat padding that keeps it plump fades away. This aging process leaves your under-eye skin drooping lower and not bouncing back as it used to after a good rest.

The membrane in your skin that holds the fat in place also becomes thinner, causing little pools of fat to protrude in the skin and present as puffy bags.

A lower eyelid lift procedure will work to remove excess skin and fat and pull the skin tighter over the area to reduce the sagging appearance. The procedure usually takes 1-3 hours and uses delicate and precise accuracy in this highly sensitive area.

Most lower lid lifts won’t require bandaging as advancements in techniques have enabled doctors to deliver amazing, low-scar producing results. You’ll need to apply a cold compress to the area for 48 hours following the procedure to reduce swelling and accelerate healing time.

Most patients take 10-14 days away from work to recover. It’s a good idea to wear darkly-tinted sunglasses while healing to protect your eyes and give them as much rest as possible.

The Benefits of a Lower Eyelid Lift

This procedure will serve to deliver results that fillers and non-surgical solutions cannot maintain. The long-lasting effects will deliver feel-good benefits that you won’t regret chasing.

1. Boost Your Confidence

It can be hard to keep your chin up when you hear and see people noticing your drooping features. Under-eye bags are an especially prominent feature on your face and hiding them feels nearly impossible.

Often times, puffy and baggy eyes can give a mean or angry-looking appearance that people associate with becoming old and grumpy. Of course, we know you aren’t the grumpy person your eyes are making you out to be, but the stereotype can still take a toll on your confidence.

With a lower eyelid lift, you can show up feeling like the best version of yourself without any distractions. Whether you want to be taken seriously at work, or feel like you belong at a party, you can show up confident, and proud of your appearance.

Your results will be shaving years off of your face and have you looking like you’ve defied the aging process. Instead of people asking if you are tired or run down, they’ll be asking what your secret is for such a youthful appearance.  Of course, your skin will continue to age, but this renewed under-eye area will be years behind the rest in the process.

2. Look Rested and Alert

This can be especially beneficial for your work life. Employers want to ensure they have an engaged staff putting their best effort forward. If you’ve got droopy eyes, they could be assuming that you are too tired to keep up and therefore, not producing the best work.

This is obviously not the case, but as much of human connection is not from the actual words we say, the truth becomes harder and harder to convey.

When a lower lid procedure is completed, the skin under the eyes will appear much tighter and take away that sagging effect that we associate with a poor night’s sleep. You’ll be looking fresher and more alert to take on the day.

Your coworkers will take your work more seriously and your boss will be confident that you can handle your workload with ease.

On top of this, a rested-looking face leads to more positive social interactions. Studies show that the general public was 20-30% less likely to want to socialize with people who looked tired. Your alert appearance will have you dodging this statistic with ease.

3. Remove Bulging Fat

Remember those pockets of fat build-up we mentioned earlier. Unfortunately, it’s not the kind of fat you can burn off at the gym.

Your eyes actually have necessary fat cushions that support the eyeball and hold out the skin around the area. When this fat protrudes through the membrane, it shows up as thick looking lines or pouches that look like fluid build-up but won’t go away.

Because these areas look so puffy, they are often the reason others will think you haven’t had enough sleep. Unlike puffy inflammation, consumption of water and practicing anti-aging hacks won’t diffuse these cushions. No amount of under-eye cream can break down fat, regardless of the price point or consistent scheduling.

Fillers can serve to balance out the area by adding volume around the fat pocket and provide temporary camouflaging. In order to redistribute the fat and remove these pockets, you’ll need a lower eyelid lift.

The surgery can not only remove these unsightly pile-ups, but it can actually use the fat to plump out the shallow areas of your under-eye and support the skin like it did in its prime.

4. Improve Tear Troughs and Dark Circles

Dark circles are caused by the already delicate skin under your eyes becoming thinner due to aging. This thinned out skin becomes more and more transparent and becomes darker in color due to higher visibility of blood vessels beneath the surface.

While having a lower lid lift won’t improve the pigmentation of your skin, readjusting the fat distribution below your eye can provide a layer of padding between the thinning skin and blood vessels. This can help reduce the appearance of dark, bruise-like marks on the under-eye surface.

Another benefit of this fat redistribution is the reduction of tear troughs. These are the deep lines that form where the thin skin of the under-eye meets the top of the cheek. These troughs are a byproduct of extra skin and fat that causes shadows and accentuates the dark circle effect.

As the facial tissue loses volume, this sunken appearance becomes more noticeable. Fillers can be used to temporarily restore the volume under the eye but a more permanent solution lies in a surgical lift.

If this deep crease is your main concern, be sure to discuss the option of fat grafting for your under-eye procedure. The migration of fat to this area can serve as a long-term alternative to fillers and reduce the skin from settling into this gap again.

5. Upper Cheek Definition

When an upper lid blepharoplasty is performed, the skin above the eye is removed to reveal a higher eyelid surface. In doing this, patients often see an improvement in the definition of their brow due to less skin weighing this feature down.

The same principle takes place with a lower lid lift. The excess skin that allows for drooping is no longer there to fill the space. Instead, the under-eye area tightened up and the skin below the droop site no longer has the extra weight of the sagging skin resting on it.

This upward pulling allows the upper cheek to experience a smoothed out effect as well.

The displaced fat that once pooled above the cheekbone will also be eliminated or repurposed, allowing for a more defined cheekbone. The absence of the puffy skin resting on this area will reduce pulled-down features.

While there are other factors to a full facelift, the lower lid lifting can help to lighten up the face and re-establish shape and definition between the cheek and bottom lashes.

6. Reduce Touch-Ups

If you’ve been struggling with the dark circles and deep lines that come along with an aging under-eye, you’ve likely become very friendly with concealers and other camouflaging techniques. These liquids and pastes serve to deflect light and hide the darkly pigmented circles.

Brightening up these sunken in areas serves to create the illusion of a shallower groove. Just like contouring, dark areas fool the eye to think they are sitting further back and highlights draw forward.

The problem with using makeup to create this effect is that as the day goes on, the topical products settle into wrinkles and lines and actually begin to make the circle look worse. The gathering of makeup products causes a cakey look and makes wrinkles seem even deeper than before.

To avoid this occurrence, you’ve likely grown used to carrying a compact and touching up this area on each trip to the bathroom. This habit is both inconvenient and expensive due to the accelerated use of makeup.

Not only will smoothing this area require fewer touch-ups, but shallower dips will reduce the amount of concealer needed to bring this area forward to start with.

You can spend less time in the mirror, and more time enjoying your newly-found confidence.

Other Perks

Compared to other cosmetic surgeries, an under-eye lift has one of the shortest recovery times. A great surgeon sees patients resuming normal activities in just a few short weeks.

Beyond the quick healing time, the lift rarely needs to be touched up or redone as the results have an impressive lifespan after surgery.

Another reason you may consider having this procedure is its ability to improve your peripheral vision. Upper eyelid lifts are better known for removing the skin that rests on the lash line and crowds vision, but the lower lid can impact your vision as well.

Skin and fat tissue gathered under the eyes can interrupt your line of sight when performing activities that require gazing down. Even if this skin isn’t disrupting your sight, it can still cause irritating distraction and frame your vision in a restricting way.

Lifting this area and reducing the pouchy tissue can make for a less restricted line of sight.

Lower Eyelid Transformation

From a more rested appearance to a more youthful face shape, you’ll love the benefits of your lower eyelid lift. If you are ready to step out of your shell and rediscover your confidence you need a youth-restoring lift that’s prepared for the job.

No more tired eyes and angry-resting face for you. Just a younger, tighter looking lower lid.

Want to stop hearing ‘Are you feeling okay?’ and start hearing ‘Wow, you look great!’? Get in touch with us today to schedule your free consult and discover if you are a good fit for an eyelid lift procedure.

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6 Benefits of Having a Lower Eyelid Lift

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