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The Ultimate Guide to the Benefits of Botox

The Ultimate Guide to the Benefits of Botox

Did you know that US consumers spent more than $14.6 billion on aesthetic procedures in 2021? That’s a result of practitioners performing millions of cosmetic procedures. Neurotoxins, in turn, topped the list, with more than 3.6 million administered that year.

Botox is the most well-known neurotoxin, seeing as it’s the first of its kind to appear on the market. And while there are now several other brands, it remains among the most popular.

One reason is that the benefits of Botox go beyond cosmetic reasons. It might even surprise you that this injectable wasn’t initially for the face.

So then, what exactly are the benefits of botox? How safe and effective is it, anyway?

We’ll get to the bottom of all those questions in this guide, so please read on.

Doesn’t Require Surgery

Botox is one of the most popular non-surgical options that help make the skin look younger. It doesn’t require plastic surgery because doctors administer it through an injection. It takes only a few minutes, and you don’t even need anesthesia, as it only causes little to no discomfort.

Since it’s only minimally invasive, getting Botox injections doesn’t result in downtime. You can even get it during your lunch break at work.

Over 20 Years of Proven Safety

Many people who hear the term Botox typically associate it with cosmetic procedures.

However, the injectable’s first actual approved use in 1989 was for eye-muscle disorders. That includes blepharospasm, which causes uncontrollable blinking. Strabismus is the other, a condition characterized by crossed eyes.

If Botox isn’t safe, the Food and Drug Administration would have taken it out of the market right away. It hasn’t because the injectable is safe. That’s also why the medication has been around for more than two decades now.

Over Two Decades of Proven Efficacy

The term “neurotoxin,” which defines Botox, can be somewhat scary, but not if handled by a surgeon. Indeed, Botox effectively improves the signs of aging skin because it’s a neurotoxin.

The benefits of Botox procedure involves injecting a toxin known as onobotulinumtoxinA into a muscle. That blocks the nerves from sending specific chemical signals. Most of those blocked signals are responsible for making muscles contract.

Therefore, stopping those signals causes a temporary relaxation of the treated muscles.

Let’s use blepharospasm as an example. It results from the non-stop and unintentional movement of the eyelid muscles. If left untreated, it can progress into severe and chronic eyelid twitching.

The FDA approved Botox for blepharospasm as it stops and relaxes the eyelid muscles. And since it’s non-surgical, it’s the first line of treatment for long-term twitching. It has been that way since 1989, a sign that this injectable is undoubtedly effective.

Diminishes Moderate to Severe Frown Lines

Also called worry lines, frown lines are vertical lines appearing between the eyebrows. Some people also refer to them as the “11 lines.” They show up when you furrow your brows, causing your forehead muscles to squeeze inward.

Luckily, Botox treatment is effective for moderate to severe frown lines. Indeed, these were the first-ever FDA-approved uses for Botox Cosmetic in 2002.

The agency gave its approval based on clinical trials comprised of over 400 patients. The participants who received the treatment had moderate to severe frown lines.

The patients’ glabellar lines improved or disappeared within a month.

The improvement of frown lines from Botox can last up to an average of 120 days. After three months, you can set another schedule with your board-certified plastic surgeon.

Xeomin, another brand of injectable neurotoxin medication, also works on frown lines. It’s as effective as Botox for glabellar lines. While it may not be a household name, it’s safe and can have results lasting for 3 to 6 months.

Another injectable neurotoxin option for treating lines between the brows is Dysport. It can smooth out frown lines a few days after administration. As for the results, they vary but can last for up to five months.

Smooths Out Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet refer to fine lines spreading out of the eye area. The medical or technical term for these wrinkles is lateral canthal rhytids.

Crow’s feet can start from the edge of or under the eyes and extend upward, sideward, or downward. In more severe cases, the creases can reach even the area near the cheekbone.

Some people also call crow’s feet smile lines since they usually pop up when a person smiles. That’s more common in younger individuals, though; aging can turn them permanent.

Permanent crows’ feet are static wrinkles since they’re visible while your face is at rest. If these are the ones you have, worry not, as Botox can help smooth them out.

Botox Cosmetic’s second approved use was to treat moderate to severe crows’ feet. It received that approval based on the results of two clinical studies. Both examined the injectable’s effects on lateral canthal lines.

Patients treated with it showed significant improvements in their crows’ feet.

Aside from Botox, you might also want to consider soft-tissue fillers for crows’ feet. They’re also injectables that can correct creases and folds. Their results can last for six to 24 months, and they’re also safe to get alongside Botox.

Improves the Appearance of Forehead Lines

Forehead lines are horizontal creases that typically worsen as you raise your eyebrows. However, some of these lines may already be noticeable even without facial movement. Moreover, they can run across the entire forehead from one side to the other.

That can make them more noticeable than frown lines.

The good news is that Botox Cosmetic has also received approval from the FDA to treat forehead lines. That makes it the only neurotoxin brand with three indications approved for the face.

Botox received that approval in 2017 after it underwent clinical trials. The studies showed that it reduced the severity of forehead lines.

Helps Prevent Worsening of Existing Wrinkles

As soon as the Botox injection takes effect, the treated muscle relaxes. It stops moving, so the wrinkles that usually appear when it does soften or even disappear.

In addition, the creases may stop worsening or growing deeper. After all, there’s less muscle movement occurring while Botox is in effect.

Reduces Risks of New Wrinkle Formation

The first wrinkles form in areas that naturally fold while you make a facial expression. But while you’re still young, your skin springs back, easing those lines while your face is at rest.

However, aging causes the skin to become drier, thinner, and less elastic.

One reason is the body’s decreased ability to replenish the protein known as collagen. It’s an essential structural constituent of the skin, keeping it plump and elastic. Unfortunately, the body produces about 1% to 1.5% less of this protein each year.

Aging also diminishes the skin’s elastin content and strength. Elastin is the primary component of elastic fibers, which makes the skin flexible. It’s the reason behind the skin’s ability to stretch while making facial expressions.

All those losses, plus years of facial muscle movement, cause wrinkles to form.

Fortunately, the benefits of Botox provides a way to keep those creases and lines from forming. That’s also why younger people in their 20s or 30s use it to “pre-juvenate” their skin. It allows them to prevent these signs of skin aging from forming in the first place.

Gives You a Fresher, Younger Look

Multiple creases and fine lines can make you look older than your actual age. They are, after all, symptoms attributable to aging.

Moreover, you might think that frown lines make you look unapproachable. On the other hand, forehead lines can give you an anxious or stressed appearance. Crow’s feet can also make you feel more self-conscious.

The more you think about what those signs of aging do to you, the more creases and lines can develop. The more you worry about them, the more likely you might furrow your brows.

It’s a continuous cycle that you can temporarily cease through Botox injections. So, consider speaking to a specialist about this treatment ASAP. The sooner you do, the sooner you can get a fresher, more youthful appearance.

Helps Relieve Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, affects millions of people in the US. It occurs even without physical exertion.

While it’s not life-threatening, it can cause discomfort, embarrassment, and even psychological trauma.

The cause of hyperhidrosis remains a mystery, but certain factors can trigger it. For instance, affected individuals may sweat if they experience anxiety or tension. Moreover, it can occur not only in the underarm but also in the groin or under the breasts.

If you experience those symptoms yourself, know that Botox can be a treatment option. It’s an FDA-approved treatment for excessive underarm sweating. You may be a good candidate if you’ve tried prescription antiperspirants to no avail.

One of the major benefits of botox is it helps relieve hyperhidrosis by blocking the nerves that serve the sweat glands. As a result, the nerves can’t send signals that trigger the glands to produce sweat.

Can Help Reduce Chronic Migraines

About one billion people worldwide experience migraines, and 39 million are in the US. It’s a condition that causes headaches so severe that it can debilitate sufferers. Indeed, it’s so painful that it costs the US economy $36 billion a year.

If you get headaches accompanied by throbbing or pulsing, you may have migraines. If you get them at least 15 days a month and for more than three months, you might even have chronic migraines.

A migraine differs from a headache in that the former is a neurological disease. Fortunately, it’s still treatable, with one of your options being Botox.

Botox seems to help by blocking the pain signals between the brain and spinal cord nerves. That interference, in turn, prevents them from reaching the nerve endings in the head or neck. As a result, the migraine may not occur, or even if it does, it may not be as terrible.

Live Your Life to the Fullest

All those benefits of Botox can help you feel more confident from the inside to the outside.

For instance, you might feel more inclined to go out and socialize because you feel and look good. Moreover, you may no longer want to isolate yourself if you get Botox for OAB or hyperhidrosis. And if you get your migraines treated, you may not have to stay in bed, suffering, for days on end.

Please remember that many conditions Botox can treat have psychological implications, too.

For example, premature skin aging can cause a drop in your self-esteem. The embarrassment that OAB and hyperhidrosis can cause can also lead to isolation. Those who suffer from migraines are also twice as likely to have mental health illnesses.

While Botox can’t treat mental illnesses, its benefits can help you feel good enough to avert them.

Reap the Benefits of Botox Today

As you can see, the benefits of Botox aren’t only for facial improvements. You can also use it to treat medical conditions, like eye disorders and OAB. Moreover, it has an excellent safety and efficacy record; thus, it’s been around for over 20 years now.

All that should be enough reason to consider Botox injections.

Are you ready to start your journey of looking younger and feeling better? Then please know that Atlanta Face & Body is happy to help.

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The Ultimate Guide to the Benefits of Botox

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