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Cheek Procedures for Men

Cheek Procedures for Men

Like in women, cheeks are one of the first areas of the body to show sagging and aging in men. So Atlanta Face & Body offers treatment options for that can help men in the Atlanta, Georgia area change the size, shape, firmness, and smoothness of their cheeks.

These include cheek lifts, which restore youthful shape. Fat transfers can also restore the “triangle of youth” shape that diminishes over time. If cheeks are too full, a buccal fat reduction can reduce “chipmunk cheeks” and create more definition. Dermal fillers can also help shape and smooth cheeks.

Featured image depicting male post buccal fat reduction.
Photo of male with beautiful cheek contouring.
Image of male who may have recently been treated with fat transfer for more masculine look.
Featured image for a web page describing the benefits of Injectable Fillers for men. Man shown is model depicting possible benefits from treatment.

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