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Why You Need Microneedling to Achieve Flawless Skin

Why You Need Microneedling to Achieve Flawless Skin

Can you believe that skincare products make up the largest percentage of the cosmetic industry?

This makes sense when we all want to have a great appearance. But are you struggling with where to begin? Or maybe you have tried a few options, but need something new?

Ever heard of microneedling? Keep reading to see why you need to introduce this procedure into your life for perfect, flawless skin.

The Basics – What Exactly is Microneedling

Hearing ‘needle’ in any treatment geared toward your face may sound scary. But relax!

It is a procedure that uses a tool that has very tiny needles on one end. Technicians adjust these needles between 0.5mm and 2.5mm.

Such adjustments allow for shallow or deep penetration of the skin. The smallest setting will poke holes in only the superficial layer of skin, called the stratum cornea.

Some may refer to the process as precise injury. Your body reacts as it always does with an injury: it moves to heal itself. This process stimulates collagen for strength and elastin for firmness.

Generally, your technician will cleanse your face and then apply a serum. Next, they will roll over your skin, pushing the serum into the holes created from the microneedling. Another layer of serum is sometimes applied at the end.

Many sessions are done about four to six weeks apart from one another.

Usually, anyone can have the procedure performed. People that have active infections, lesions, or trouble healing should be cautious. These people should always consult with their doctor before seeking treatment.

But What about Pain?

The procedure should not be painful. Your technician will use a topical anesthetic.

After your procedure and during recovery, you may have some facial redness lasting for about a day. Most people resume their normal daily activities immediately!

It provides benefits like fractional laser treatments do, but with less downtime.

Who Should Consider this Treatment?

Treatment can target a wide variety of issues. This can leave you with flawless skin.

It can be used for different types of scars. The process can help with both the appearance and texture of scars from injuries or even acne.

Treatments can dramatically improve the appearance of atrophic (dented) acne scars. It is important to note that any active breakouts, especially of cystic acne, should be cleared up before going in for a treatment.

Getting treatment over breakouts could actually spread the bacteria. This would make your acne worse.

People who find issue with their large pores or fine lines can also find benefits with a few treatments. By stimulating collagen, these issues can be a thing of the past! This also applies to people wishing to minimize any skin wrinkles.

These treatments can also help with skin tone, color, and texture. The more skin ages, the longer it takes for skin cells to be renewed. Using microneedling helps keep the color, tone, and texture looking great!

Hyperpigmentation, including sun spots, is also an issue that can be treated.

Other problems or conditions that can benefit from treatment include loose skin and stretch marks.

Not Limited to the Face

While microneedling is most frequently done on the face, it can also be done on other areas of the body!

The procedure can be done on any location where the skin needs to be thickened, especially where stretch marks may exist. This includes legs, chest, and butt.

For example, a common complaint is the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite is dimpling of the skin. It occurs mostly the buttocks and back of legs.

Cellulite occurs from connective tissue structure changes and loss of skin elasticity.

Lack of circulation and a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to cellulite. Cellulite has nothing to do with being overweight. Exercise typically cannot rid the skin of cellulite either.

How Much or How Many?

Many people ask how often they can receive treatments. The answer will depend on many factors.

How severe the issue is will impact the number of sessions required for results. Client’s current skin regimen will also impact this.

If someone generally is happy with their skin and takes good care of it, they can receive a microneedling treatment every three to six months.

However, if someone wishes to treat severe acne scarring for example, they will require a more aggressive treatment.

They may need to come once a month for four to six months. After that, they can usually just come in once or twice a year for touch-ups.

What to Do after a Treatment

In order to achieve desired results, there are a few things to keep in mind after a treatment. It is best to avoid wearing any make up the remainder of the day.

It is also suggested to avoid any harsh or strong products you usually use such as retinol.

Tell me about the Results!

Results can show up after the first treatment. Additional, more long lasting effects will usually occur after multiple treatments. Improvements typically continue for six to twelve months.

Some of you may be familiar with at-home versions of microneedling. You can purchase various tools at differing price points.

At-home microneedling rollers (sometimes called derma rollers) use a roller ball mechanism. These are similar to those used in perfume tubes.

Like professional tools, these are designed to prick or minimally injure the skin’s surface. You may feel a prickly sensation.

Be cautious when considering at-home treatments. Typically, results using at-home method will never be as strong as when treatments are done by a professional.

This is because products sold directly to consumers for at-home treatments have the shortest possible needles. As mentioned below, this means they will only ever penetrate the superficial layer of skin.

There is also a greater risk for infection or permanent damage when doing treatments at home.

As you can see, microneedling can benefit everyone in some way. It can be a great addition to anyone’s skincare routine seeking perfect, flawless skin.

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Why You Need Microneedling to Achieve Flawless Skin

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Please fill out form below to submit a consultation request. Let us know your preferred day/time and an Atlanta Face & Body consultant will confirm the next best available appointment for you! Now offering Virtual Consultations.

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