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Rid Your Chin Roll

Rid Your Chin Roll

The chin roll, also known as a double chin, is one of the most unflattering physical attributes that can inflict itself upon a person. It can appear on anyone, regardless of age, weight, or gender, and shifting it can be hard work.

However, shifting that double chin is not impossible. By finding out why it has appeared you can work out the best methods to begin a removal period. Chin roll help is at hand in our helpful breakdown below.

Causes of a Chin Roll

A chin roll, or double chin, is a build-up of a fatty layer known as submental fat. It often forms below the chin and gives the appearance of a second, loose hanging chin. Many factors contribute to why one may form.

Many people believe chin rolls form due to weight gain. This can be true, although genetics, aging, and posture can play a large factor. A quick rundown of the main causes are as follows;


The elasticity of the skin is a determining factor and this is passed on through genetics. If one or both of your parents had chin rolls, it is likely that you will also develop them.

Stance and Posture

Linked to exercise, lack of muscle building in and around the neck, and chin can be a contributing factor. When the muscles are not used regularly, the skin loses its elasticity so a correct posture with the back straight and head held high can help.

If you sit at a desk for long periods of time try to correct your seating position to help. Purchase an adjustable office chair and raise the height of your desk so that you are not hunching over.


Lack of elasticity in the skin is a natural part of aging. You may find it happens under your upper arms, in your face, and under your chin. Unfortunately, the development under the chin is often the most noticeable.


Finally, one of the most common factors responsible for a chin roll is weight gain. Luckily, this can be rectified using exercise and a good diet. Avoid foods that contain lots of trans fat, sugar, and are high calorie or processed.

Facial Exercises

There are several easy exercises you can do to get rid of chin rolls. They target the muscles around the neck and chin, helping to tighten up loose and sagging skin. Select two or three and combine them in a daily routine.

Many exercises require a ball, so it may be helpful to keep one on hand. These exercises will use a 9 – 10-inch ball though others may need a slightly smaller one. It should be medium density, so it is easy enough to squeeze.

Keep all your exercise equipment in a place you will see it on a daily basis. This will prompt you to take part in the routine and ensure it is not forgotten. Always start with a warm-up to avoid an injury or strain.


Before beginning any of the exercises below you will need to warm your muscles up, particularly if you are doing them in the morning and have just woke up. To begin, put your head down so your chin is resting on your chest. Rotate your head to the left, making full circles so you are using the maximum rotation in your neck.

Bring the head in a full clockwise circle, making sure it is pushed as far back as possible when you are at your furthest point. When it returns to its starting point, relax, and try the exercise again in the opposite direction. Do this 3 -4 times.

For another warm-up, lay on your back on a hard floor. Make sure your head is touching the ground and without raising your shoulders, lift your head forward. Hold it in position for 5 seconds then return it to its normal place.

Squeezing the Ball

Take your ball and sit on a chair with a straight back. Relax your shoulders. The ball should be tucked in the space under your chin and between your neck.

Push down on the ball, squeezing it with the muscles in your neck and chin. Do around 25 – 30 repetitions. You should feel a pull under your head and around your throat area, as well as the back of the neck.

Yawn and Tongue

This exercise involves pushing out your tongue as far as it will go to build muscles in the chin and neck area.

Stand or sit with a straight back in a relaxed position. Open your mouth as wide as possible and stick out your tongue as far as it will go. Lay it downwards, so it is pointing towards the ground.

You should feel the area around your neck and chin tighten. Hold the pose for about 10 seconds before having a short break. You should do around 10 repetitions.

Jaw Push

This exercise requires you to be in a seating position, once again with a straight back. You should relax your shoulders and tilt your head back so you are looking at the ceiling. Now, push your jaw forward so that it sticks out, also in the direction of the ceiling.

Count to ten then slowly resume your normal seating position. Go back into the exercise and repeat 10 – 15 times. You should feel the muscles contract just where your inner neck and head join.

Side Jaw Push

This is a slight variation on the exercise above. Once more, you need to be in a seated position with a straight back. Start by relaxing your shoulders.

This time, instead of tilting the head back you should tilt it to the side. Start on the right, putting your ear to your shoulder. Push your jaw forward and hold it for a few seconds. Start from the beginning and do the exercise around 10 – 15 times.

Whistle in the Sky

Very similar to the jaw push, for this exercise you also need to be seated. With your straight back and relaxed shoulders, once again tilt your head back so you are facing the ceiling.

Now pucker your lips as if you were about to perform a whistle. You don’t need to make the sound, but you should hold the pose for around 15 – 20 seconds. You will feel the muscles working in your face and on either side of your neck.

Slowly return to your original seating position, then retry the exercise. You should attempt 10-15 repetitions in one sitting.

Catch a Fish

For this one, you are going to look quite odd so it is probably best to do it somewhere quiet and alone. Once more, take a position in a chair with a straight back and relaxed shoulders. It is important you are not hunched over.

Stick your bottom lip out as far as possible, so that you look a little like a fish on a hook. You must hold this pose for five seconds, then move your chin down towards your neck and chest area. You must retain a straight back and keep the lip extended.

Once you have held that for around five seconds, return to a normal seating position. Start the exercise over again. This should be repeated around fifteen to twenty times.


If you are overweight, then adjusting your diet will help significantly in reducing your double chin. Start by reassessing your diet and check that you are not relying on high calorie, fatty, processed foods at mealtimes. If you are snacking regularly, ask yourself why and try to find healthier alternatives.

Increase your intake of fruit and vegetables while reducing the amount of refined sugar you consume. At mealtimes, aim to eat lean proteins combined with whole grains. Finally, avoid trans fats and replace them with healthy fats from low-calorie dairy products, seeds, and nuts.

There are many diets on the market that can help, but they are all essentially a variation on the information above. Approach it as a change in lifestyle as opposed to a six-week diet plan or short term strategy.

Chewing Gum

This everyday activity lays somewhere between diet and exercise, and you may possibly already do it. Chewing gum can help get rid of double chin in two different ways.

Firstly, chewing gives your facial muscles a workout. You are using your chin, jaw, and neck to grind down on that food, increasing the use of muscle.

Secondly, it tells your body that you are eating and can send signals that will stave off hunger. This means you will not be tempted to eat extra unhealthy foods, aiding with weight loss. Use it when you feel the need to snack.


Of course, diet alone will not change much unless you combine it with exercise. Exercise will not only help burn fat but will strengthen your muscles, in your neck, and elsewhere. This will contribute to a whole-body toning as well as in the face.

It is recommended you do an average of 45 minutes of moderate exercise per day. Cardiovascular exercise is the best for eliminating fat, so a run or competitive sport would be ideal. Anything that gets your heart pumping fast will work.

Combining it with strength training is recommended as well, as this will aid in the tightening of muscles in the face, chin, and neck. Upper body exercises that work the shoulders and chest area often incorporate these areas, so consult a professional who can show you the best routines for this.

Maintaining a healthy weight can help in other ways. It can reduce the risk of strokes, heart disease, cancers, and strokes. Even if you are not trying to lose your chin roll, you should consider maintaining a healthy weight for a better lifestyle and quality of living.

Everyday Treatments

Facemasks are a low cost, alternative way to get chin roll help. They can tighten up the elasticity in your skin, but with so many available it may help to try a few different ones out.

A homemade face mask can be made from egg white and honey. The proteins and nutrients are believed to aid with elasticity problems. You can also consider adding some green tea extracts.

Surgical Treatments

Chin roll surgery treatments are another alternative, particularly if you have tried every other avenue and none are working. It is effective and often not as expensive as people expect. Below are the main forms of chin roll surgery;


This involves a series of small injections into the skin that release fat-dissolving compounds, lowering the amount of submental fat in your chin.

Each session can involve around 20 small injections. Each treatment must be followed by a rest period of at least one month. It can usually take around six sessions to see an improvement.

Although a long process, it is effective and produces visible results.


This method involves liposculpture, in which heat from a laser melts away fat and sculpts the skin. Using this method, the submental fat under your chin can be removed. It only involves a local anesthetic and is a fairly quick procedure.

What Comes Next?

If you have tried all the methods above, including diet, exercise, daily routines, and over-the-counter remedies, then it may be time to get some assistance.

Atlanta Face and Body can help you get rid of that unsightly chin roll. We have expert, qualified and experienced staff on hand who will be willing to discuss your needs and budget. Book your consultation today. For your convenience, we also offer virtual consultations.

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Rid Your Chin Roll

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