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Skye Holliday


Skye Holliday

Client Care Consultant

Born and raised in Chapel Hill North Carolina, Skye Holliday has the perfect name for the career she set out to pursue. Competitive dancing, cheerleading and modeling on the side during her school years led her to signing fulltime with a national acting and modeling agency straight out of high school.

It was a career that the Atlanta Face & Body Client Care Consultant truly enjoyed for five years. “I loved everything about modeling,” she said. “But, as it turns out, I didn’t have the tough skin you absolutely must have to survive in that incredibly competitive industry.” 


So, she took what she loved – skincare and make-up artistry – and began her retail sales career with a series of record-breaking sales performance years for some big-name skincare and make-up brands. Trained as a make-up artist, she spent a year as a personal assistant to the founder of Trish McEvoy®, and got the opportunity to do make-up for entertainers such as Meghan Trainor.

When Skye transitioned to the field of medical aesthetics, she focused on becoming intimately knowledgeable about non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures. Energy treatments like Ultherapy®, body contouring treatments, laser hair removal, neurotoxins such as Botox®, dermal fillers, and laser skin correction all fascinated her. Her wealth of knowledge and her passion for aesthetics led her to excel in client consultations. 

When her husband’s job transferred them to Atlanta, Skye became Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker’s personal assistant in surgical consultations. “I am so passionate about Dr. Elizabeth’s abilities,” Skye explains. “As ‘Queen of Faces,’ Dr. Elizabeth is definitely a celebrity in this city for her many professional accomplishments. But she is so approachable and makes you feel like you are the most important person in the room.”

Skye’s personal philosophy during client consultations is: When you look and feel your best, you get the most out of life. She uses the LARE model for relationship-building: listen, acknowledge, respond, explore. “It’s simple, but it takes patience and attention and what is precious to all of us – your time,” she said. “Truth is I become my clients’ Beauty BFF and that is a great honor for me.”

And Skye always adds a personal spin to her interactions with clients. “It’s important to show them my own Before & After’s and share my testimonial – what aesthetic procedures have meant for my own confidence and emotional well-being,” she explains.

Skye is seeing a trend of younger people having aesthetic treatments to prevent premature aging instead of waiting to reverse it. “I am in my 30s, but I am told that I look early 20s. It’s great having my own testimony to support my recommendations!”

In her spare time, Skye loves working out, as well as shopping, trying new restaurants in the Atlanta area, and traveling with her husband and young son.

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