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Skyler Knox


Skyler Knox

Patient Care Coordinator

Although Skyler Knox is bit more behind the scenes at Atlanta Face & Body, she’s a vital part of creating the best possible experiences for our patients. Skyler originally started out at the front desk but quickly moved up to Patient Care Coordinator and then into her current role as Administrative Assistant. Together, they ensure the practice runs like a well-oiled machine.

Skyler wears many hats at the office, including handling scheduling, product ordering, inventory, medical clearances, training front desk staff, and various patient/staff matters.

Though born in Atlanta, Skyler spent much of her childhood living in several cities throughout Georgia before settling in downtown Atlanta, where she currently resides. All that moving, as Skyler explains, was thanks to a free-spirited mother.


“She didn’t like to stay in one place for too long,” Skyler said. “She wanted to try new places because she stayed in one place for a lot of her life.”

Reading was always a favorite pastime for Skyler growing up. But she also focused heavily on her schoolwork while still finding time to participate in Key Club, yearbook, Beta Club, Future Business Leaders of America, and other student organizations.

Along with a concentration on academia, Skyler’s mother also made sure to instill in her daughter a deep appreciation for self-care, which undoubtedly helped serve as the catalyst for her eventual career at Atlanta Face & Body.

“My whole life, my mom always talked about self-care and made sure I knew to take care of my skin and present myself well,” Skyler said. “I just found the industry very interesting and saw the kind of help it provided people, especially injectables. The changes it can make is fascinating to me, and I love seeing the results and how happy it makes people.”

Of all the great treatment options available, Skyer says injectable fillers and toxins are hands-down her favorite thanks to relatively simple treatments that often yield big results.

“It’s so interesting to me that a little solution inside a syringe can do something like that,” she said. “It produces such amazing results, and I just think that’s so cool.”

Being a part of all the behind-the-scenes components of the practice and how they all function to contribute to the overall patient experience is a beloved aspect of Skyler’s job.

“What goes on to improve patient care, even the small things that no one really notices, they all add up to a great experience,” she said. “If any one thing is off, it takes away from that experience.”

That end result of a happy patient is what it’s all about, whether behind the scenes or front and center.

“I’ve built great rapport with some of the patients and love to see how much they love their results,” Skyler said. “It’s so fulfilling to witness that and be a small part of it.”

And Skyler points out that working with Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker further helps to make the environment at the office a pleasant one for patients and staff alike.

“She’s always very supportive of all her staff members,” Skyler said. “She makes it feel like family. She’s just very communicative and makes you feel comfortable. It’s really all about the people, the patients and staff, that make it easy to come to work.”

In her free time, Skyler works toward obtaining her degree in marketing from Georgia State University. Other than that, she can usually be found curled up with a good book when time permits.