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What Is SculpSure®? 11 Benefits to Know

What Is SculpSure®? 11 Benefits to Know

Did you know that, according to PR Newswire, SculpSure was named in Harper’s Bazaar 2020 Anti-Aging Awards as the Best Pro Treatment for Body Contouring? This trending treatment is making waves both in the professional beauty industry and among consumers looking for non-invasive aesthetic treatments.

If you’re asking yourself the question, “What is SculpSure?” then chances are you’re considering using this treatment. You might have additional questions, such as:

“How does SculpSure work?”

“What are the benefits of SculpSure?”

Having so many questions can make it difficult to decide whether you want to invest in SculpSure, start a new fitness routine, or get plastic surgery. You might be confused and stressed about these different options for making your body look like you want it to be.

That’s why we’ve put together this article. By explaining to you what SculpSure is, how it works, how much it usually costs, and what its benefits are, you can decide if it’s for you. Finally, you can make an informed decision and have the body you want.

Read on to learn more.

What Is SculpSure®?

By understanding what SculpSure is and how it works, you can have a good idea if it’s the right choice for you. This treatment, which is non-invasive and laser-based, reduces the fat in your body by targeting specific areas. The procedure usually takes around 25 minutes, which is far less time than how long it would take to undergo invasive plastic surgery.

Because this is a non-surgical procedure, there’s no need for anesthesia or incisions. This makes SculpSure ideal for anyone who wants to lose body fat but doesn’t want the discomfort, time, and recovery issues associated with plastic surgery.

How It Works

When it comes to how SculpSure works, this technology involves the use of a heat laser belt that has lasers that hit the body. These lasers are of such a wavelength that it eliminates the fat cells in the area they’re hitting. The FDA has approved the use of this technology on the following parts of your body:

  • Flanks
  • The lower part of your abdominal area
  • The higher part of your abdominal area

There are additional things you should know about SculpSure if you want to use this option safely. If you are obese or very overweight, this isn’t the right option for you. People using this technology should have a BMI of 30 maximum.

If you’re interested in using SculpSure and your BMI is higher than 30, it’s recommended you lose some weight in natural ways, using dieting and exercise. After you’ve done this, you can use SculpSure to focus on reducing fat in specific areas of your body.

Additionally, those who are pregnant aren’t candidates to receive SculpSure. If you have any type of health condition, you should also be careful. If you have any doubts, speak with your doctor about this treatment.

Now that we’ve reviewed this general information about SculpSure, we’ll go over the different benefits you can experience from getting this non-invasive procedure done. If you like these SculpSure benefits, then it’s probably a good choice for you.

Benefit 1: It’s Safe

SculpSure is a safe procedure, especially when comparing it to the plastic surgery treatments people use to focus on lessening fat in the same parts of their body. Because it’s non-surgical, there aren’t any incisions made on your body or liposuction used to remove the fat. You are less likely to have any health complications after undergoing SculpSure.

Benefit 2: It’s Fast and Easy

Are you one of those people who’s always on the go? Do you always have to carefully schedule every single salon appointment and manicure so that you have time for yourself on top of everything else? Then SculpSure is the perfect option for you.

This treatment typically takes 25 minutes.

Benefit 3: No Skin Problems

One of the worries many people have when it comes to weight-loss procedures is the effects they might have on their skin. After all, after plastic surgery, you can end up with scars that show the work you’ve had done. With SculpSure, you don’t have this problem.

There aren’t any mechanisms used that tug or suck at your skin. There’s no internal tissue damage. Because only the outer walls of your skin are touched by the lasers, there isn’t any harm to the soft tissue of your skin. You also won’t experience any bruising.

Benefit 4: It’s Efficient

When you get your SculpSure treatment, you can focus on different areas in one session. This amount can be up to four parts of your body. For this reason, SculpSure is efficient, making it possible for you to book only one session.

Currently, the technology has four applicators. If additional applicators are added in the future, then you would be able to have even more than four parts of your body treated in one treatment.

Benefit 5: The Result Is Real and Lasts

After you first receive your SculpSure treatment, you might panic because you don’t see the results immediately. But there’s no need for you to panic. The reason it takes a while for results to appear is that SculpSure focuses on your fat cells.

They will take a while to break down.

You can expect to see these results in between six to eight weeks. In addition to breaking down your fat cells, this treatment rebuilds elastin and collagen, giving your skin a tighter feel. This also means that you’ll have less sagging.

Finally, these results last. This is because once fat cells have been removed, they do not come back. Considering that one session can remove 24% of fatty tissues, this is a dramatic difference that kills these fat cells forever.

However, you should note that these effects can be reversed if you start to produce new fat cells. These new fat cells can be created if you gain weight because of lifestyle changes, consuming a higher amount of calories, drinking more, or exercising less.

For this reason, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle after you’ve had this procedure done. Of course, you could always return and get a SculpSure treatment again—but you may need to lose some weight first to get back down to 30 BMI or less.

All this said, any change you make to your body can be affected by weight loss. This same thing could happen after you’ve had plastic surgery done.

Benefit 6: Minimal Side Effects

When you get plastic surgery, side effects can include pain, complications, and permanent scarring. With SculpSure, on the other hand, the side effects are minimal. You might experience only a feeling of tenderness or some redness on the surface of your skin.

Additionally, these side effects don’t last long. Comparing this to the itching, bruising, and numbness you can get from fat freezing, this is clearly a better treatment. There is no risk of infection after your SculpSure treatment, either.

Benefit 7: Customization

Another benefit of SculpSure is that treatments are customized for your specific body size and shape. Even though it’s a fast treatment, you’re still taken seriously as a patient by the person giving you the treatment. You can rest assured that the treatment you receive is not “one-size-fits-all.”

Benefit 8: It’s Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive

Unlike plastic surgery, SculpSure is non-surgical and non-invasive.

Benefit 9: It Looks Natural

Whenever you go in to get a plastic surgery treatment, you might end up coming out looking a bit unrealistic. Even if you’ve been clear with the plastic surgeon that you want the changes to look natural, you might end up with a look that makes you look thinner but not naturally so.

With SculpSure, you don’t have this risk. Because this treatment focuses only on the fat cells in specific areas of your body, you will lose weight the same way you might when doing exercise and adjusting your diet at home. This gives you a result of natural-looking fat loss instead of the unnatural-looking results of plastic surgery.

Benefit 10: It Can Be Used on Your Face

If you want to remove some of the fat in your face, there are some areas that can be treated with the SculpSure treatment. Specific areas that can be targeted include jawlines, an untoned neck, and double chins. These are usually targeted with chin and neck liposuction but can be treated with SculpSure, too.

If you’ve lost a lot of weight but you have this weight left over, then SculpSure can solve this problem that plagues many people who have lost weight but can’t get rid of it in this one specific area.

Additionally, you can use SculpSure on your face even if your BMI is over 30. So if you want to remove fat in that area and plan on losing weight in other areas of your body in the future, this is an option for you.

Keep in mind, however, that SculpSure can’t be used on the fat in your cheeks. This is because the fat in the cheeks exists in a different, lower layer of your body. The only option for removing it is with a buccal fat reduction.

Benefit 112: You Can Return for More

Even though you should be able to focus on the areas you need to in just one session, you can always return to get more SculpSure. If you want to have more of a contoured appearance in certain areas, you can use this option. These areas are usually the thighs or lower abs.

If you gain weight, you can also return for more treatments. However, we recommend that you keep yourself in shape after getting SculpSure so that you don’t have to get treatments after you’ve already removed the fat you want to from your body.

Do You Need More Information?

Now that we’ve given you the answer to the question, “What is SculpSure?” and outlined many of the advantages of SculpSure, you might need more information. Maybe you want to know where you can get SculpSure treatments, or you want to decide which body part is best for you to focus on.

Whatever information you need, we’re happy to help. At Atlanta Face & Body, we’re experts when it comes to any of your beauty questions. We also offer SculpSure and other treatments you might want to learn about. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us here.

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What Is SculpSure®? 11 Benefits to Know

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