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Everything You Need to Know About Photofacials

Everything You Need to Know About Photofacials

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of photofacials, you may be hesitant to try one. That’s a terrible shame, especially when you consider the potential benefits associated with photofacial treatments.

In this article, we’ll dispel any rumors surrounding photofacials and explain what they are, how they work, and why they might help you achieve brighter and healthier-looking skin. Let’s get started!

What Is a Photofacial?

A photofacial is a type of treatment used to improve facial skin’s appearance. Photofacials utilize light to help brighten skin and create a more even tone. They may also help treat skin damaged by excess UV exposure.

Many types of skin treatments utilize strong chemicals or potentially toxic substances, including bee venom. While these types of therapies can be useful, they’re not for everyone.

Photofacial treatments are exceptionally non-invasive. And with the exception of a little protective gel, there’s virtually zero chemicals or additional substances used during treatment. Photofacials are primarily light-based treatments.

Potential Benefits of Photofacials

There are quite a few potential benefits associated with photofacials. In addition to other types of rejuvenating facial procedures, photofacials may result in:

  • Smoother Skin
  • Reduced Skin Inflammation
  • Even Skin Tone
  • Reduced Signs of Aging
  • Quick Treatment Time

While results vary from person to person, many of the above benefits have been reported by satisfied clients. Still, it’s vital to take a closer look at these purported advantages to discover how valid they might be.

Smoother Skin

While natural sunlight can be dangerous in large doses due to UV radiation, LED and IPL applications are far safer. They can also stimulate the skin in much the same way as regular daylight. Clients can experience a boost in skin-friendly Vitamin D.

Reduced Skin Inflammation

Though a photofacial can result in temporarily inflamed skin, it can lessen chronic inflammation when applied consistently over time. Skin inflammation is often caused by broken capillaries, excess heat, and bacterial or fungal infections of the skin.

When strong light is administered to affected facial regions, the initial effect is increased local circulation and reduced bacterial growth. Broken capillaries may experience a boost in white blood cells.

Unfortunately, some blood may pool during this process, causing minor bruising. Still, the eventual result is a healed system of capillaries that allows the skin to return to a healthy, normal tone. Also, light kills irritating fungal spores or bacteria.

Even Skin Tone

Blotchy, uneven skin can be embarrassing and frustrating. Unfortunately, there are several potential factors that could be contributing to an uneven skin tone. Figuring out what’s causing your blemishes and blotches can be a challenge.

A photofacial could help ease some of your worries by allowing you to experience a more even skin tone. Just as photofacials might help reduce skin inflammation by encouraging improved circulation, they can also help heal and brighten skin.

Uneven skin tone may also be the result of uneven healing. Older patches of skin are likely to be darker, dryer, and slightly blemished. Newer skin is sensitive, bright, and clear.

Photofacials encourage the release of dead skin cells, helping clients achieve a clearer and brighter tone. This function may also help reduce premature signs of aging, including wrinkles.

Reduced Signs of Aging

Photofacial can help reduce visible signs of aging that affect the face. As stated above, light therapy can help increase circulation throughout the facial tissues. This results in temporary facial redness and inflammation.

But when that inflammation begins to disappear, the skin that remains is healthier, newer, and stronger than ever before. After repeated treatments, clients may experience more youthful-looking facial skin.

Quick Treatment Time

Complex facial procedures (like chemical peels) can take hours to complete. If you have a hectic or jam-packed schedule, it can be nearly impossible to find the time for spa therapy or skin-rejuvenating treatments.

If you’ve got half an hour available, then you have time for a photofacial. Scheduling your treatment ahead of time is the best way to minimize waiting periods and expedite your on-site service.

Non-Invasive Equipment

Unlike other types of beauty treatments, photofacials involve zero pieces of invasive equipment. There aren’t any needles or strong chemicals to contend with, making photofacials one of the gentlest procedures available.

If you’re someone who shies away from intense spa services or semi-invasive therapies, then you may enjoy photofacials. You can be in-and-out of your treatment center in no time without removing any clothing or seeing a needle.

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Now that you know what photofacials are and the many benefits they can have on your skin, it’s time to schedule your free consultation. Conveniently located in Vinings, GA, Atlanta Face & Body offers free consultations, as well as, virtual consultations. Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker will help determine if photofacials are right for you.

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Everything You Need to Know About Photofacials

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