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Tony Cromartie


Tony Cromartie

Lead Surgical Tech/Clinical Manager

For Tony Cromartie, the only way to treat patients is “like family.” Maybe that’s why he feels personal joy when he sees the happiness on the faces of satisfied patients. “You’ve got to love a job that lets you share that joy every day,” says Tony.

Tony’s job at Atlanta Face & Body demands lots of interaction with patients—from pre-op, to the procedure itself, to post-op care. “All along the way I try to reassure them and make them feel at ease,” says Tony. “I let them know just what to expect so they won’t be nervous.”


When patients come in for their procedures, Tony is involved with consent forms and pre-op photos. It’s also his job to prepare the instruments, surgical gloves and gowns. He then assists Dr. Whitaker in the procedure. “After the procedure I wrap up,” says Tony. “I clean up, wheel the patient to the Relaxation Room and I’m there as they recover from any medications. I always try to be attentive to the needs of both the patient their loved ones.”

“Of course, Dr. Elizabeth is there for the patient, too,” Tony goes on to say. “She meets with the patient and the family with a complete post-op report. And she does something I think is pretty special: she gives them her personal cell number so they can call her at any time if they have concerns or questions.” When patients are ready to go home, it’s Tony who gives them complete aftercare instructions and wheels them out to their cars.

“Sometimes patients tell me they feel a little vain, opting for cosmetic surgery,” says Tony. I just tell them, ‘God put people like Dr. Elizabeth on this earth to be there for you. Now you go right ahead and enjoy the beautiful results of her work.”

When Tony isn’t busy lifting the spirits of AF&B patients, he and his wife can be found at the baseball field. Tony coaches a T-ball team which includes their sons, ages 5 and 3.